Sunday, September 01, 2013

Cap dagde news latest

It's a busy time as it always is leading up to the start of a new season. In one months time the camp site in the village should be open (they normally open up around the 15th March) and the recent snow we had here in the resort, will soon be replaced with the great summer weather we are all accustomed to at Cap d'Agde.

Peng Travel Update

The full story of what has happened to Peng Travel UK has finally unravelled over the last few weeks. Peng Travel were one of the leading accommodation providers and provide package holidays to the naturist village. Peng's owners Travelzest are in financial trouble and this means the end of Peng UK. You can though still use Peng France if you wish - OR use David and Ann Agency via email:

Italian Version of the Cap eBook on sale

Even though you are reading this in English, you might be a native Italian speaker (a lot of you are signed up to this newsletter with Italian addresses) and if so, you might be interested to know that the Cap d'Agde eBook is now also available in italiano - Visit if you wish to buy a copy.

Site Updates - capdagdefrance

We are completely updating all 200+ pages on to make it up-to-date. The Italian pages were several years old and the site is being updated page by page each day. This should especially satisfy the Italian readers but also means more up-to-date information on the English pages. You will see new page updates every day until the full site is in the new template you see on the site.

Question of the Month

What is the male female ratio?

Of the thousands of adults who go to Cap d’Agde each summer, a ball park figure to express the ratios in the resort is to start with saying that roughly 80% of the visitors are couples/partners (be it mixed or one sex couples). Singles I would say account for around 10% of the visitors and of the 10% of single visitors, probably 95% of these are male. Single female visitors are rare but not unheard of.
  • 80% couples/partners
  • 10% families or Groups of friends
  • 10% Single visitors

Cap d'Agde Questions Answered

Do you have a question about Cap d'Agde which still need to be answered?  Email us at paul (at) cap

Cap d'Agde Airport Transfers

If you are flying into Cap d'Agde via one of these following airports, airport transfers to Cap d'Agde is possible for:
  • Beziers Cap d'Agde airport
  • Montpellier airport
  • Perpignan airport
  • Carcassonne airport
  • Toulouse airport

Beziers Airport Information

Beziers airport is a very small local airport and the closest to the resort. There are sometimes a couple of taxi drivers outside the terminal but often none, given that the airport only receives a few flights a day. The best way is to book a transfer ahead of time. Beziers to the resort is roughly a 20 minute drive.

Montpellier Airport Guide

Montpellier Airport is much bigger than Bezier airport and is much more popular because of the number of airlines which serve the airport, Ryanair, British Airways, Alitalia and Air France are just a few of the airlines servicing this airport. From Montpellier airport you can get the bus to the train station and then catch a train to train station. You can though use the airport transfer option as discussed at the top.